Let THE RHU pack a picnic for you to enjoy on a scenic Asheville vista.  Select  a basket from the options below or build your own custom picnic with items from the menu. Our picnics are packed in a re-usable picnic basket and we ask for a $75 deposit for the use of our baskets and their safe return. Please specify if you'd like your picnic to be fully disposable.

to order, please call (828)785-1799



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Brunch Basket

$25 for 1-2 people // $50 for 3-4 people

Choice of baked goods- 4 for 2 people/5 for 4 people
Sweet or Savory Scones
Seasonal Fruit Gallette
Bagels - With Cream Cheese and Sunburst Smoked Trout
Cruze Buttermilk Biscuit - With Cultured Butter, Imladris Jam, or Benton’s Proscuitto
Yogurt and House-Made Ganola - With Seasonal Fruit

Farmer’s Market Basket

$50 for 1-2 people // $95 for 3-4 people

Season Vegetable Crudite Seasonal Dip- With Herb Butter
Choice of Salad
Local Lettuces-
Seasonal Vegetables and Barries, Charred Lemon Vinaigrette, LG Fromage Blanc
Pimento Cheese and Seasonal Jam- Choice of Bread
Seasonal Fruit Bars

ploughman’s basket

$60 for 1-2 people // $11- for 3-4 people

1/4 lb or 1/2 lb local cured meat
2 oz or 4 oz Benton’s Proscuitto
Local Cheese
Lusty Monk Mustard
House Pickled Vegetables
Big Green Salad-
Fresh and Marinated Vegetables, Citrus-Mustard Vinaigrette
Choice of Bread
Brownies or Chocolate Chip Cookies

French countryside basket

$55 for 1-2 people // $100 for 3-4 people

Benton’s Proscuitto
Local Cheese
Fruit Mostarda
Marinated Olives
Laminated Baguette
Seasonal Fruit Gallette

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